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About us
Biochefarm is a professional company that is a global manufacturer of plant nutrition, stimulants, anti-stress products and mono-correctors.
The main principles of the company's work are: honesty, openness, manufacturability, a scientific approach to solving agricultural issues.

Mainly focused on:
  • Field crops
  • Vegetable crops (open farming and horty culture )
  • Growing of grapes
  • Fruit and berry crops
  • Hobby plants

Our task:
Achieve high and high-quality yields of agricultural crops through the correct use of professional food products from Biochefarm.

Our goals:
  • Maximum financial benefit for our clients!
  • Optimization of financial costs.

Choosing us as a strategic partner, you get:
  • Professional products for your agricultural business
  • High-quality agricultural consulting with full phytomonitoring
  • Reliable, mutually beneficial and long-term partnership
  • Stable and high quality harvest
  • High financial result

The company is a Resident of Skolkovo and a member of the Union of Organic Farming.

Our benefits
Roots and soil
Roots and soil
A unique preparation for the development of the root system

Promotes awakening and increases the intensity of seed germination. Increases the fungicidal activity of disinfectants, has a positive effect on the sowing qualities of seeds and the development of seedlings.
Increased concentrate of fulvic and humic acids with a complex of trace elements

Effective for both plants and soil. Improves the chemical, physical and biological condition of the soil.
Reliable crop protection

Plants become more resistant to adverse conditions, drought, disease, pests, etc.
Active growth
Contains trace elements in chelated form

Highest concentration - low transportation cost. Easy application.
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