Alga 1000/Turbo

Polyfunctional product based on seaweed extract.

Characteristics and effect of application.
It contains a wide range of bioavailable organic substances and nutrients in a high concentration, capable of easily curing on the surface of a plant and moving along its conductive system.
Quick result (5-7 days) after application there is a noticeable increase in the root mass, intensity of leaf colour, after 7-10 days - intensive balanced growth of the entire plant, an increase in the entire plant, an increase in the number of buds and shoots.
Immunoprotected properties: reduces the damage to plants by viral, bacterial and fungal infections, prevents etiolation (discoloration) of seedlings, prevents the fall of the axillary kidneys.
It contributes to the activation of photosynthesis: it increases the area, thickness of the leaves, the content of chlorophyll and, as a consequence, contributes to the growth of quantitative and qualitative indicators of the crop.
For 3-7 days reduces the ripening time, increases the lying quality of the product.
It serves to treat seeds and seedlings: increases the speed of seed germination, contributes to increased root formation and engraftment of seedlings.