Soft Guatd Bio agent is a wettable powder containing spores of the fungus Trichoderma harzianum, T-22 strain. The product contains 1.0 x 10⁹ colony-forming units per gram. The wettable powder is green in colour.


Biochefarm systematically checks every batch to ensure the product meets its rigorous requirements of quality control, including the percentage and speed of spore germination. Quality control also includes plant trials to check the speed and extent of colonisation by the spores on the roots. To ensure Biochefarm's commitment to quality is followed through the supply chain, clear instructions are provided for the correct handling and storage of the product.


Soft Guatd Bio agent is supplied in an aluminium bag inside a cardboard box. Trianum-P is available in packs of 250 grams* and 500 grams.
* The 250 gram packs are not available in all countries.


Soft Guatd Bio agent has a shelf-life of four months when stored in sealed packaging at a temperature between 0 and 10°C.

Climate conditions

Soft Guatd Bio agent works effectively under various climate conditions. The fungus grows within a broad temperature range (10-34°C), at pH levels from 4 to 8.5, in a wide variety of different substrates and on the roots of many different crops.