The line Double Win is a full line of water-soluble microcrystalline formulations that are fully and instantly soluble, suitable for all fertigation systems and all types of water thanks to their acid reaction.
They will meet the nutritional needs of all types of crops.
The Double Win line is completely free of sodium, chloride and carbonates and contain indispensable trace elements for the attainment of optimum cultivation results.
Thanks to the different colours of each Double Win product, the solution acts as a tracer.


PLONVIT OPTY is intended for foliar application in the form of an aqueous solution. PLONVIT OPTY can be used together with other agrochemicals after conducting a miscibility test. Test results are presented in the table INTERMAG agrochemicals mixing table.
Detailed recommendations for foliar application are presented in the table below. You can also use the search engine and quickly find the dose rate and time of foliar application for your crop. Select your crop


FERTIGATION (fertilisation with irrigation) of crops in the ground, in peat substrates and garden soils (nutrient solution shall be given periodically – repeatedly during the growing season).
Specific recommendations (composition of the nutrient solution and frequency of application) shall take into account the plants' nutritional requirements, the results of chemical analysis of water used for fertigation and soil (substrate), as well as weather conditions.
Use PLONVIT OPTY as an aqueous solution at a concentration of 0.03–0.2% (0.3–2.0 kg of fertiliser in 1,000 litres of ready to use nutrient solution)..
When using PLONVIT OPTY in a nutrient solution along with other fertilisers, do not exceed a combined concentration of 0.2% of all ingredients of the solution being dosed. When preparing concentrated solutions, fertiliser dose shall be increased accordingly. Prepare concentrated solutions of PLONVIT NPK fertilisers in a different tank than the concentrated solution of calcium fertiliser.


The recommendations may be modified taking into account the plants' requirements and growing conditions.

WHEAT winter crop
Number of foliar treatments: 2–4. Optimum amount of working solution: 200–300 kg/ha. Proposed periods of use (◆ optimum periods; ◇ optional/complementary periods):
Autumn: ◇ 3–4 leaves unfolded (BBCH 13–14) 2–5 kg/ha
Spring: ◆ tillering (BBCH 22–29) 2–5 kg/ha
◆ stem elongation (BBCH 30–39) 2–5 kg/ha
◇ heading – until early milk maturity of grains (BBCH 51–73) except of flowering period, when foliar treatments are not recommended 2–5 kg/ha