MG Fe-6 o-o contains 60 g Fe per kg (6% Fe). Iron is fully chelated by EDDHA, incl. 48 g [o-o] and 12 g [o-p].

Iron in the form of chelate is rapidly absorbed, transported, and assimilated by plants.

MG Fe-6 o-o is intended for fertigation of plants cultivated primarily on alkaline soils.

MG Fe-6 o-o can also be used as:

  • Efficiently and quickly taken up by plants in alkaline environment - due to presence of ortho-ortho isomer, the fertilizer is particularly stable in a wide range of pH 2–11;
  • Safe for plants in all treatment techniques (according to the recommended doses);
  • Stable in multicomponent solutions.
Nutrients g/kg % by mass
Iron (Fe) chelated by EDDHA 60 incl.
48 [ortho-ortho] and 12 [ortho-para].
6.0 incl.
4.8 [ortho-ortho] and 1.2 [ortho-para].