MG Cu-15 contains 150 g Cu per kg (15% Cu). Copper is fully chelated by EDTA. Copper in the form of chelate is rapidly absorbed, transported, and assimilated by plants.

MG Cu-15 is certified for use in organic farming.

MG Cu-15 is intended for use in different fertilization techniques including:

  • Foliar nutrition;
  • Fertigation (in inert or organic substrates, in the ground);
  • Soil spraying, soil watering or scattering after mixing with other soil fertilizers.

MG Cu-15 can also be used as:

  • A component of liquid or powder fertilizer mixtures;
  • A Copper source for other chemicals.

Copper supplied to plants in MG Cu-15 is:

  • Efficiently and quickly taken up by plants from solutions in foliar nutrition, in fertilization treatments combined with watering (fertigation), and from the soil after soli fertilization;
  • Safe for plants in all treatment techniques (according to the recommended doses);
  • Stable in multicomponent solutions used in foliar treatments, fertigation, and soil spraying;
  • Stable in a wide pH range of solutions / media;
  • Stable in soils with a wide pH range.
Nutrients g/kg % by mass
Copper (Cu) chelated by EDTA 150 15.0